Stage-specific features


Planning and reconnaissance




Pentesting magic


Analysis and reporting

How it works

Why Hive?

Hive is a space for pentesters' collaboration
All project data is aggregated and visualized
Quick and easy navigation through project data
Hive helps at every stage of penetration testing
Comprehensive knowledge base of Issues and Checklists
Hive is your advantage for the clients


Hive has 2 versions: community and paid
With the community version of Hive, you can create 3 projects and add 3 users
That allows you to try all of our product’s capabilities and make the right decision about using it in the future

Product roadmap

Q2 2021

Web view/Application view

A special view that significantly simplifies the security analysis of any web-based application or mobile app


Hive allows you to connect to popular scanning tools via API and use pre-made or custom templates to automate regular activities

Customer portal

We will release a tool for the client's part of pentesting – Apiary. It will help you demonstrate the main points and results of the penetration testing to your client. Avoid distractions and add value to your work

Q3 2021

Task tracker

You will be able to create tasks in Hive and view their status on the dashboard. Also, we will provide integration with Apiary to help your clients fix the most critical vulnerabilities promptly


Mentions allow you to be one click away from any Hive object (user, creds, issue, notes, IP, etc.)

Q4 2021

Attack chain

Attack chain will structure your main actions to rebuild your attempts and describe them as necessary


Powerful API that allows you to integrate Hive with your own tools


Workers will allow you to run tools (nmap/*buster/etc.) in the background directly from Hive and get their results on the platform