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What’s up with the report generator?

How much time do you spend on report writing? At least a few hours per pentest...


Skip manual work

Delegate us all routine, we’ll set up everything for you.

Time-saving tool

Save up to 3 hours per each pentest report. Leave it for pentest fun!

Quick implementation

Install the report generator with all predefined templates and issue schemas.
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You’ll get a perfect report generator tool plus predefined files with report template that will replace your routine with a one-click action.
Well, we use jinja-like templates. It’s a scripted way of systematizing data in your own way. Pretty boring, that’s why we customize it all for you!
Sure! You can also message us at and we will change everything for you.
No worries. Our previous experience was in the pentest field, so we understand how important it is to keep data safe. That’s why we made it self-hosted! If you’re still not sure enough, just send us data you find non-confidential.
Anything you will add to your report example. We will use it to create your personal template. Any special field or custom name will be included.
Sure! We really care about your most comfortable Hexway experience. All of your data will be placed in your template. You won’t see the difference between your previous template and Hexway one. You’ll just have a few extra free hours for something less boring.
No worries! You can send us all of your report examples, we will create your personal template for each of them.
Send one more example