What fits you?


I am:
  • into cybersecurity
  • a small pentest team
  • CTF team? We are granting CTF teams with extended licensed Hive version. If you want one — just give us a ping at contact@hexway.io
I want:
  • to optimize the workflow
  • to normalize scan data
  • to make better reports


I am:
  • doing pentests
  • a pentest provider
I want:
  • to start providing PTaaS
  • to automate pentest routine
  • to provide pentests faster


I am:
  • ordering pentests
  • owning in-house Red Team
I want:
  • to deliver features more often
  • to integrate pentest in SDLC
  • to aggregate security data
Feature explanation in docs
per user
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DeploymentsHexway cares about your data, that is why we only provide self-hosted versionsOnPremOnPremOnPrem
ProjectsAvailable amount of ongoing projects at the same time3
ChecklistsFormalize pentest methodologies you use via personally created checklists or use default ones 3
ApplicationsWe support web application penetrations testing, this feature is here to help5
CredentialsSpecial storage with all found during the project credentials like passwords, logins, tokens or keys10
Issue schemaUse different ways of issue descriptions through all existing projects if needed 2
Scan comparisonsCompare scan imports from different utilities to see the whole picture with all important details20
Apiary report generatorGenerate reports in docx right from Apiary to get the most from findings15
Hive report generatorWe’ve automated reporting so you could focus on spotting security breaches. Just click the "generate" button and enjoy your perfectly generated docx report
Custom branded reportsCustomize report templates as much as you want. Jinja-like templates allow to set up docx reports in any way
APIEasily integrate internal tools with Hive and Apiary via Hexway API
Import from toolsUpload imports from favourite tools and scanners like Nmap, Nessus, Metasploit and others
NotesWrite down any of your thoughts anywhere in your project. Plus it supports markdown
TagsTags allow to mark and filter project data in the most convenient way
NotificationsKeep everyone in your team on the same page by notifying them about changes
Project dashboardAll project data in one dashboard for the most convenient workflow
IssuesStructured view of all existing findings from your projects
Issue custom fieldsAny existing findings can be customized with additional fields
Issue templatesTemplate library is a time-saving feature that gives pentesters opportunity to use issue templates instead of ctrl+c ctrl+v old issue descriptions
Cross-project dashboardPlan and compare projects to see the whole picture
MFAMulti-factor authentication is a very important step to keep project data secured. That's why we have it
LDAP integrationWe are sure that securing sensitive data is one of the most important things. So... Here comes LDAP authorization
Jira integrationExport all data right to your Jira task-traker
Report template creation serviceSend us your report sample and we will create your personal branded template for you.
SupportWe support each user. Community can always contact us via Discord, Pentester and Enterprise versions can pick any preferred channel to contact Hexway supportBasicProfessionalAdvanced
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