April 13, Thursday | 11 am PST (6 pm GMT/ 2 pm EST)

Pentest routine automation. What PTaaS is?

In this webinar we’ll discuss how PTaaS benefits pentester’s life, revenue and workflow. We’ll also share with you ways on how to start using them without additional implementational or operational costs and tool fatigue syndromes.

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taran kambo
Taran Kambo

Vice President Customer Operations

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cat anna amelina
Anna Amelina

Product Marketing Officer


In modern world it’s important to keep pace with technologies. Especially when it comes to cybersecurity and comfortable work. Penetration testing becomes more popular but the methods never change. Here comes PTaaS or Penetration-Testing-as-a-Service and it’s not just another way of prioritizing tasks or making your services affordable.

Here’s our plan:
  • Pentest and it’s automation. Why now?
  • What’s PTaaS? Pros & Cons
  • How to choose pentest tools?
  • Demo: PTaaS platform in action
  • Q&A session