New Hexway ASOC Update: SBOM files in CycloneDx format

Hexway ASOC SBOM CycloneDx

We are pleased to announce the latest update to Hexway ASOC: the ability to import and export SBOM files in a popular CycloneDx format. It will simplify vulnerability management by providing detailed insights into software components and dependencies, enabling better security analysis and compliance.

What's new?

Understanding your application’s components is crucial in the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC). The latest Hexway ASOC update allows users to import and export SBOM files directly within the platform. It supports the widely-used CycloneDx format, delivering compatibility with tools such as DependencyTrack and Triviy. 

Import/Export SBOM files. This feature allows direct integration into CI/CD pipelines, enhancing security practices without added complexity.

CycloneDx Format Support. Adopting CycloneDx provides full compatibility with tools like DependencyTrack, Snyk or Trivy, simplifying vulnerability tracking.

In-Depth Component Analysis. Allows more effective risk assessment and security decisions.

Just upload the generated SBOM file into ASOC and see all the necessary component information as:

  • Component names 
  • Component types
  • License information
  • Version details
  • Vulnerability information

hexway asoc components sbom

What’s the matter

Knowing under the hood of your applications is essential in today’s security-focused development environments. The latest Hexway ASOC update leads to subtle SBOM management, allowing you to concentrate on securing your applications.

hexway asoc sbom components

Ready to use new features?

These updates aim to provide suitable tools to enhance your application security. We are excited to see how the new features will fit into your workflow.

We are excited to see how new features will fit into your workflow. Experience all-new Hexway ASOC features firsthand by booking our online demo or requesting a free trial.

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