Announcing the Free Self-Hosted Community Version of Hexway ASPM

hexway aspm community version free self hosted

We are excited to introduce the free self-hosted Community Version of Hexway ASPM! Our team has crafted this version to be fast, powerful, and reliable for all DevSecOps and AppSec specialists. This release is designed to help you manage your application security processes and improve your DevSecOps workflows without any cost.

Challenges of Open-Source solutions — solved

While open-source solutions are great alternatives to paid platforms, they come with their own set of nuances:

  • UI/UX Limitations: Open-source tools usually lack a user-friendly interface. Hexway ASPM offers a fast and intuitive UI, maximizing productivity and comfort.
  • Irregular Updates: Open-source solutions can have unpredictable update cycles, leaving systems vulnerable. Hexway provides regular updates and detailed release notes, informing you of the latest features and security improvements.
  • Performance Issues: Handling large data volumes can challenge open-source tools. Hexway ASPM is built to handle high-performance demands without lag or freezing.
  • Lack of Dedicated Support: Getting help with open-source tools can be difficult. The Hexway team provides full support and is ready to assist whenever you need it.
  • Security Concerns: The public availability of open-source code can raise security issues, leaving sensitive data exposed. Hexway ASPM is a self-hosted proprietary solution that gives you full control over your data with no external access.

Key features of Hexway ASPM community version

Self-Hosted Solution

With Hexway ASPM, you have complete control over your data within your own infrastructure, eliminating any concerns about external access.

Aggregation of Scan Results

Hexway ASPM aggregates scan results from multiple sources and supports integrations with SAST /DAST /SCA tools. This provides full security posture visibility and allows you to work with issues conveniently. This centralization makes it easier to manage and analyze your scan results.

Advanced Deduplication

Hexway ASPM uses an advanced deduplication mechanism to identify and eliminate duplicate issues. Our recent update has made deduplication even more effective, allowing us to deduplicate issues 230% faster and with 60% greater accuracy. This results in cleaner reports and fewer redundant tasks, allowing you to focus on the most critical vulnerabilities.

Issue Prioritization

Hexway ASPM allows you to quickly identify which issues require immediate attention and which do not, saving time and improving focus. This prioritization helps direct your remediation efforts to where they are most needed.

Integration with Popular CI/CD Scanners

Hexway ASPM works with popular commercial and open-source CI/CD scanners, including Semgrep, Nuclei, SonarQube, Grype, Dependency Check, ESLint, and more. This flexibility allows our platform to integrate easily into your existing workflows.

Integration with Task Trackers

Hexway ASPM can be integrated with any task tracker, allowing you to monitor and manage the resolution of identified issues. This integration helps maintain a clear and efficient remediation process.

Try Hexway ASPM Today

Download our Community Version for free and experience the powerful features of Hexway ASPM. Whether you're looking to improve your security processes or use a product that works reliably, handles large data volumes, and provides full control over your SDLC processes and pipeline integrations, Hexway ASPM is the tool for you.

Download the Community Version or Book a Live Tour today! Our experts will show you how to integrate Hexway into your pipelines, set up your SDLC correctly, and share insights on how it's used in other companies.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your application security management with Hexway ASPM!

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