Hexway ASPM Update: Deduplication, Community Version & Products

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Hey there! We've got some fantastic news to share. Our team has been working on a super exciting update to Hexway ASPM. This update introduces powerful new features and improvements that we can't wait for you to try. 

Here’s all you need to know about our latest release!

Improved Deduplication Mechanism

We understand the frustration of dealing with massive scan reports filled with duplicate issues. That's why we're excited to announce amazing improvements to our deduplication algorithm in our latest update. Here’s what we’ve done:

  1. Dedicated Calculation Methods for Different Scanners Our new algorithm employs unique calculation methods for each type of scanner. This complexity increases accuracy in identifying and eliminating duplicate issues, making your reports cleaner and way more actionable.
  2. Less Duplicate Issues While it’s nearly impossible to foresee all scenarios, our changes have substantially reduced the number of duplicate issues. You can now expect up to 230% faster deduplication and a 60% increase in accuracy. This means fewer redundant issues in your reports.

More automation 

  1. Automatic Closure of Fixed Issues When an issue is resolved and doesn’t reappear in subsequent scans, our system automatically closes it. This feature helps maintain an organized and up-to-date issue list, saving you time and effort.
  2. Reopening Old Issues if They Reappear If a previously resolved issue reemerges, our system will reopen the old issue instead of creating a new one. This provides you with valuable context and history, making the problem-solving process easier and more productive.

You can explore more features and details in our help section: https://help.hexway.io/asoc/v_deduplication/

Introducing the Community Version

Many developers rely on open-source solutions, which offer a great alternative to paid platforms. However, they come with their own set of challenges, such as:

  • Unpredictable Update Cycles: Open-source solutions often have irregular updates, leaving systems vulnerable.
  • Performance Issues: They may struggle with handling large data volumes efficiently.
  • Lack of Dedicated Support: Getting help can be difficult and time-consuming.
  • UI/UX Limitations: Open-source tools might not offer the most intuitive or responsive user interfaces.
  • Security Concerns: Open-source solutions may not provide the level of security needed to protect your sensitive data.

To address these issues, we’ve developed our free ASPM and DevSecOps platform – the Hexway ASPM Community Version. It mitigates the drawbacks of open-source tools while providing a whole new experience. To try it out, complete the form. If you’re exploring documentation, we’ve developed an additional page with an installation guide.

Here’s what you can expect from our Community Version:

  • Self-Hosted Solution: All our solutions are self-hosted, ensuring you have complete control over your data with no external access.
  • Aggregation, Superior Deduplication, and Issue Prioritization: Our platform aggregates scan results, employs an advanced deduplication mechanism and allows you to prioritize identified issues effectively. This means cleaner reports, fewer duplicates, and a more organized approach to handling vulnerabilities.
  • Integration with Popular Open-Source and Commercial CI/CD Security Scanners: Hexway ASPM directly integrates with a wide range of popular scanners, both open-source and commercial. This helps to incorporate the platform into existing workflows without any issues.
  • Integration with Task Trackers: Hexway ASPM platform integrates with various task trackers, making monitoring and managing the resolution of identified issues easier. This feature helps maintain a clear and efficient process for fixing vulnerabilities.
  • And it’s just a small part of what Hexway ASPM has to offer!

Experience the powerful features of Hexway ASPM for free while enjoying a secure and efficient platform. If you're looking for full enterprise functionality, join us for a live tour of our platform. Our experts will demonstrate the capabilities of Hexway ASPM and help you understand how it can be matched to your needs.

New Products Feature

In addition to the deduplication improvements and the Community Version, we’re introducing a new way to organize your projects with our Products feature.

Group Your Repositories into Products

Previously, you could only manage repositories individually. Now, you can group related repositories into products, allowing for higher-level project management and a clearer overview of your security posture. 

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Manage User Roles

Assign roles at both the product and repository levels. Previously, roles could only be assigned to individual repositories. Now, with the Products feature, permissions set at the product level influence access across all grouped repositories, making user management easier.

Bug Fixes and Updates

We’ve also implemented several important updates and bug fixes to improve the overall performance and user experience of Hexway ASOC:

  • Migration to Vue 3 We’ve moved our platform to Vue 3 with improved performance, better maintainability, and access to the latest features and improvements in the framework.
  • Configurable File Upload Limits You can now set your own limit for the maximum size of files for upload, providing greater flexibility to meet your project’s specific needs.
  • New Security Practice Filter Added a new filter for security practices (SAST/SCA/DAST/Secret Scan), making it easier to categorize and manage your security scans.
  • New SonarQube Parser We've added support for SonarQube for better integration capabilities and provided more options for analyzing your code.
  • General Bug Fixes Various bugs have been fixed to ensure a smoother, more reliable experience.

Try Hexway ASPM Today

Explore these new features and see how Hexway ASPM can transform your DevSecOps workflow. Download our Community Version for free, or book a live tour with us to experience how efficiently and effectively Hexway ASPM can manage your security and project management processes.

Download the Community Version or Book a Live Tour today!


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