Hexway ASOC Update: In-depth GitLab integration

Hexway ASOC GitLab integration

Hexway ASOC is a universal self-hosted DevSecOps platform with a deep focus on SSDLC processes.

With the latest update supporting automatic source code import, SAST data aggregation, and more, Hexway ASOC has become an even better all-in-one Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) solution.

Repository Management

Now, there is no need to create repositories manually to test source code for security. The latest Hexway ASOC update provides users with automatic import from GitLab, where source code is stored.

Repository data

  • Programming languages in use.
  • Repository description.
  • Branch list.

Vulnerability Management

Integration with GitLab brings the fastest repository management possible and the latest data insights into the vulnerabilities within the source code.

Hexway ASOC benefits for SSDLC

  • It aggregates all vulnerabilities detected by static analyzers (SAST)
  • Provides insights at a glance about who committed the vulnerable code and when (date, time)

Hexway ASOC GitLab integration

Go Straight to the Point, Solve the Problem in One Click

Accelerate problem-solving to unprecedented levels with the latest Hexway ASOC features.

  • Assign tasks for developers in popular task trackers like Jira or contact the author of the code and report the problem directly from the Hexway ASOC interface.
  • Analyze the vulnerabilities found by SAST scanners even more easily by receiving the developer’s commit message in the vulnerability record.
  • Go straight to the vulnerable code fragment in the GitLab web interface for advanced analysis.

Hexway ASOC GitLab integration

GitLab API

Setting up GitLab integration takes minutes and only requires adding the GitLab server URL and API token.

If a project involves multiple GitLab servers, they can all be connected to the Hexway ASOC platform as easily as a single server.

VCS Integrations

The Hexway team is making every effort to make our ASOC platform even more convenient and useful for DevSecOps, AppSec, and Security Engineers.

Hexway ASOC will soon develop even more integrations with version control systems such as GitLab, Bitbucket, or GitHub. These updates will be announced in the upcoming months.

Don't wait until the secure software development life cycle will require continuously increasing resources.

Book an online demo of Hexway ASOC or discover all the benefits first hand by requesting the trial.

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