29 June 2021


Hexway Hive is a superb tool for teamwork and other types of work during pentest and bug-bounty projects. We listen to your feedback (BTW, here is our Discord) and are trying to implement new features as fast as possible.

Meet new Hive features:

  • Advanced import settings
  • Project Dashboard
  • Main View Pagination
  • Credential store
  • Small bug fixes

Advanced import settings

Advanced import settings allow for configuring import behavior. For example, you can set it to ignore and not to import the ports locked in `nmap` scans or to automatically generate issues from `Nessus`, specifying their Severity Level before that. Cool, fast, and convenient!

nessus import


Project Dashboard

People love dashboards, don't they? We've implemented a special view that displays your project summary:

  • scope
  • services
  • ports
  • most vulnerable hosts
  • etc

This enables you to understand what you're dealing with during the project and to add illustrative charts in your report documentation.



Credential store

Quite often, during a pentest, we find some user accounts and passwords. Credential store facilitates easy and convenient import/storing/processing/export of any credentials or tokens. Now, they're kept in one place – you won't miss anything important for sure!


Main View Pagination

We've noticed that some users have to work with large-scope projects (dozens of thousands of IPs). To make the interface more user-friendly even if you're project includes a huge amount of data, we've implemented the `lazy load` into the main screen.
Now it works smoothly, regardless of your project scope!


Just as usual, in addition to new features, we've found and fixed lots of minor bugs and polished UI so you can focus on your projects and be more productive!

We continue developing Hive, so stay tuned!

hexway team!



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