The pentest workspace of the Hexway collaborative platform with the perfect toolset
It's created to help freelance pentesters, bounty hunters, CTF players, full-time pentesters, and pentest services.
Optimize your team efforts
Accelerate speed of testing
Easy integrations with pentest tools
Start providing PTaaS

Less reporting — more testing

Less reporting + more testing = no-routine pentest. Our advanced report generator and Apiary dashborad got your back covered.


Plan your projects and build a perfect team. Forget about overloaded pentesretrs and stuck work schedule.

Collaborate with customers

Connect Hive with Apiary. Vizualize your work with Apiary dashboards and share them in real time.

Your favorite utilities extended by advanced Hive tools

Better integration means more comfortable pentesting!

Advanced tools for team work

Hive is a perfect pentest workspace. It offers a variety of great features to turn pentesting into pleasure.

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Continuous scans
Real time vulnerabilities


Custom checklists
Custom templates

 External plugins

Easy integration
External reports


Issues base
Checklists base

 Important details


 Advanced filters

Creating search filters
Full-text search
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