Hexway Hive 0.13.1 version. Nessus integration

nessus update

We can’t wait to share an important Hive update with you! Now you can import scan results from Nessus directly. This improvement should facilitate the discovery stage of the pentesting process covered by Hive. 

Much has been done to make this possible. In more detail, our team has completely redesigned the data import mechanism from tools to Hive.

This is the basis for quickly adding support and integration with your favorite tools soon.

Let’s move to the other updates.


Upgraded Nmap scan results interface


Just a reminder that you can also import Nmap/Masscan scan results, and Hive will structure the data and show it in the ordered view.
Watch this feature in action in the video below:

At this step on improving the import feature, our team redesigned the output interface of Nmap scan results. Now it looks like that: 


Automated enumeration in reports


On average, the report writing stage takes about 1 week. Our team tries to reduce the time spends on doing routine tasks by optimizing the process piece by piece. For this reason, we made sure that labels for images in reports are numbered automatically. 

It's a small change that wouldn’t be noticed, however, it’s a part of the big penetration testing process. And we’re here to make it more efficient. 

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