November 0.47.2 version. Duplicated issue merging & updated project feed.

new hexway update — issue merge & new project feed

Good news, pentest fellows. It’s time to update your Hive to make pentests even better. 

This release is important as it has a lot of fixes for better usability and... Duplicated issue merging! And an updated project feed!
Attention! This blog post contains additional video explainers on how features work and can be useful for work. 

Duplicated issue merging

We know how painful it is, when there’s a full page of duplicated issues from scanners with a few hosts there, a few ip’s in another one, and so on.
Hive now allows you to merge such issues into one! This can save a lot of time while working on Nessus (or similar)  findings. Here’s how it works: 

Project feed with checklist updates

We truly hope you enjoy using Hive checklists. In case you want to know better how to use them 100% — our team is happy to help you at or even here.

As you know, we find them super useful and time-saving. That’s why we’ve added notifications about their changes to the Project feed. You can now track how your teammates use checklists and never miss a thing.

What else?

  • MD checklist import fix
  • Improved checklist filter
  • Checklist edits warning (affects subsidiary checklists)
  • Additional warning before checklist deletion 
  • Improved Nessus parser
  • Timezone display fix
  • New “Project description” field for Apiary projects
  • The “Copy http request/response” functionality fixed
  • Long Jira status display fix
  • System configuration passwords encryption added
  • Hive LDAPS connections fix
  • Improved floating tool pane on MD issue editor

Yup, that’s it. Enjoy pentests even more!  Upgrade your current versions or try features out now online!
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