Hexway Hive online demo version is out!

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We understand that sometimes to test a new product you need sufficient time for preparation and installation. That’s why we’ve decided to publish this Hive online demo. This version should make it easier to work with our pentest collaborative tool and check all its features without installation.

Sure thing, it’s free.

Our team has also implemented a few product updates. Based on these improvements, we’d like to remind you what capabilities you can make use of in Hive.




With the help of checklists, you can set the main goals of the project and decompose big ones. The easy-to-understand view helps to know what particular part of the scope of work is covered. In some cases, it’s difficult to create a checklist from scratch. For this reason, we’ve made a comprehensive Checklists template library available for you.  Choose the most appropriate option, customize it to tailor your needs, and get to work.




The project wiki feature is the basis for convenient collaboration. After you discuss the scope of work with your client, you need the place to fix agreements. This place is Wiki. It’s a workspace that stores information about projects: project goals, lists of IPs or hostnames, prohibitions, recommended methods and tools, technique requirements, and more.
Every team member has access to these materials and can use them during a pentest.




Creating reports is the least favorite part of pentest. We can fully relate to that. To simplify it, our team offers you to use the Report templates library. And follow the same instructions as you follow when you use checklist templates: choose the most appropriate option, customize it to tailor your clients’ needs, or create a new one and go further. 

To deliver the final report to the client, you can export it in the doc format or send it to the client inside the platform.




In addition to the above, you can test the power of custom import, notes, API connection to external plugins features and feel the true collaboration with Hive. 

We invite you to try out Hive now because we work very hard to create the most useful tool for you and we’re looking forward to seeing your feedback. 

But remember that with the demo version, all your data is erased from the platform every 24 hours. If you want to try it with no time limit download Hive on your device.


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