December Hexway 0.48.1 version. SLA, Acunetix & logo replace.

First of all, we want to thank everyone for keeping an eye on updates! Especially pre-New Year ones. Let’s head down to the main part. 

What’s in this update? 

  • Acunetix integration 
  • SLA
  • Your logo in Apiary
  • Important fixes & minor improvements

Acunetix support

Hexway has already implemented a lot of other scanners like 

  • Nmap / Masscan
  • Nessus
  • Metasploit 
  • Cobalt Strike
  • Nuclei
  • Amass
  • Burp 
  • OpenVAS
  • ZAP

And now Acunetix is on the list! As long as Acunetix is one of the most popular web vulnerability scanners, we had to integrate it into Hexway Hive. Our users can now work with Acunetix data as easily as Sunday morning comes. Import data into Hexway in a few clicks and even create Jira tasks based on it! 

It’s automation… wait for it… miracle! 


To follow up on the memory of what SLA is, let’s look at the basics. SLA or Service Level Agreement is a metric that allows setting a period for solving the issue in days. 

We’ve added SLA to simplify the process of tracking the pentest progress and save some time too. Hexway Apiary has these standard SLA values:

  • critical - 7 days
  • high - 30 days
  • medium - 90 days
  • low - 120 days
  • none - 120 days
  • info - no

These are standard values, you can always manually change them for the ones that fit your project or just globally. 

Well, it’s not just it — you can also change SLA for each issue. Yeah, crazy what customization can do.

  SLA in Hexway Apiary

This is still not it! You can also create a card for a dashboard to track overdue issues or any other SLA values you find important for your project! Now the penetration testing workflow is even more flawless. 

Your logo in Apiary

Apiary is our customer portal for pentest result presentation during the ongoing penetration testing project. It solves one of the main modern pentest problems — remediation time. The process is set up to reduce this time by sharing found vulnerabilities with clients while the pentest is still going. Customers can fix vulnerabilities and send them back for retesting in seconds. We’ve checked twice!

Now you can customize Apiary in your company’s design way. Replace Apiary logo with your own! Just email us at, and we will help you to set everything up perfectly.


  • Fixed the http requests/ responses order in issue description
  • Added configuration options for sheets and images captions in reports
  • New fields support for Jira tickets
  • Improved Nessus report parsing 

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