Apiary is a platform for companies who take care of the cybersecurity of their products. It allows you to collect and structure all historical cybersecurity data, coordinate external and internal teams, visualize IT security audit results.

Apiary key benefits

Be on top of things
Stay in touch with pentesters, guide the process, and know when each step is implemented
Structure data
All materials from different teams in different formats are structured and displayed on dashboards
Fix vulnerabilities faster
Learn about the detected vulnerabilities immediately through customized notifications
Save time
Transform a report into an action plan without extra effort and assign responsible persons on the platform
Enhance your performance
Compare audit results from different teams and learn about dead-end attack chains to make the most informed decisions
Protect your data
A self-hosted version with multi-factor authentication allows you to stay secure and control your data
An easy-to-use tool with an intuitive, user-friendly interface quickly builds into your pentest management process


Workspace for managing IT security audits

Secure data storage

Visualization of results

Enhanced vulnerability management

How it works

Why Apiary?

All project data is aggregated and visualized
Internal task tracker and export to external solutions
Comparison of audit results from different teams
A comprehensive knowledge base of Issues and Checklists
Both successful and dead-end attack vectors
Apiary makes communication with contractors easy