This workspace of the Hexway platform visualizes all available pentest data in the most elegant way.
It helps both sides to see the pentest results in real time and to start working on vulnerabilities as fast as possible.
Watch vulnerabilities in real time
Present results just like a real pro
Retest & release faster
Communicate with every pentest unit

Result presentation

All needed project data will turn into a pefect report with just a few clicks.

Issues & priorities

Remediation is important. Hexway makes it fast and convenient.

Create a perfect workflow

Invite contractors to the platform and create tasks.

Connect with Hive

It’s never been so easy to control all pentest processes. Use Apiary to see what's going on in Hive (plus, there's chat).

Dashboards with stats

Look through all the latest updates, new bugs, and vulnerabilities in one place.

Explore more features

 Audit materials

Remediation recommendations

Dead-end attack vector

Attack chains
Attack methods

Project comparision

Custom parameters
Audit results


Custom checklists

Data storage

On premise
Unified view


Task trackers
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Here's the perfect self-hosted pentest workspace. We will help you to spot vulnerabilities, generate reports, and turn this process into a no-routine pleasure.
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  • In-house security teams
  • Freelance pentesters & bughunters