How does Hive save up to 6 hours on each pentest project?

6 hours

Hexway Hive is an intelligent Red Team workspace made by pentesters for other red teamers to keep some time on the most interesting security things instead of spending time on routine parts. 

A very nice work, very responsive interface even with a large amount of data. Import works without an issue from different sources. Very nice work overall and fast UI. I'm able to share with fellow testers results and import them from my tools. Hope to see more features coming soon! ” 

Founder of BlackHat Ethical Hacking 

Common pentester problems

  • Manual reporting 
  • Many tools in different places
  • Issues with branded reports 
  • No custom tools imports 
  • Messy imports

After a few interviews with penetration testing specialists, we’ve come up with an idea that manual reporting and traditional pentest methods take too much time. It really felt like this world needs a hero. So, one of them is already existing — it’s our penetration testing platform Hive. It makes customers happy and lets pentesters save time on doing their most interesting work instead of writing routine reports. Of course, reporting is an essential part of penetration testing. That’s why we’ve just made it easier and faster. 

Traditional pentest VS PTaaS?

Here’s a case, one of our users was previously using traditional tools and methods like aggregating project data in txt formats in Notepad or CherryTree. After installing Hive it went like you don’t have to keep all project data in a note, plus it can be structured and secured without any special efforts. No more Stone Age for penetration testing, you can bring it to the next level with just a few clicks!

What's wrong with manual data parsing?

The second guess of our users was always a mess from different scanners. No one said it’s gonna be easy but we’ve got something for this. You take:

  • Nmap data
  • Nessus data,
  • or any other data even from your own tool

... and place it into Hive.

Here comes the magic — it turns these imports into human-readable data with centralized ports, hosts, and IPs in the most convenient way. It’s not only about Nessus or Nmap imports, it’s even more because the whole Hive system is a unique tool that helps systematize data that wasn’t aggregated and systematized in one place before.
When we are talking about such tools, it’s not already just a tool, it’s an innovative workflow with modern benefits that help pentesters make their work better, faster and smarter. Working with data has turned into a pleasure — effective features to analyze vulnerabilities, interactive filters, a quick search of needed assets, and a lot more. 

Instead of coding your own scan parser or diving into GitHub pearls you just do 3 clicks and watch how it imports in the background to Hive. At this time you can grab some refreshments and start working with preparing project data or creating your personal workflow checklists. That’s it!

How does that benefit your pentest workflow?

  • Less time on data import
  • One place to store it all
  • Fewer tools needed
  • Less Excel sheets
  • Advanced toolset to work with data
  • Vulnerability source filters
  • Big picture for the whole project

Pentest methodologies went further

Talking about checklists… Remember penetration testing let’s say 6 years ago: huge amount of data, messy notes, and tons of messages and files. How to set up the workflow correctly and be productive if there are no such tools? That’s why Hexway Hive has some super features like checklists and methodologies — to make penetration testing fast, convenient, comprehensive, and systematized. There are a few common methodologies that are used during penetration testing, we’ve talked about them in our previous blog post. So, our checklists help pentesters to present the works better and help to make trustful relations with customers, and prevent questions such as: 

  • What tests were processed? 
  • What assets were tested?
  • There were 10 IP’s in scope, but there are only 3 vulnerable IP’s mentioned in the pentest report. What happened to others? Were they fine or just forgotten?

Hive is the ultimate solution to bring penetration testing to the next level. It’s not only about the level of quality, it’s also about making customers happy with your services. The happy customer generates positive feedback and spreads the word about your company too.

If you want to see how our platform can help you improve existing processes — schedule a demo and see what Hive can do for you.

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