Hive 0.30.1 version. Nuclei & Amass integrations

hexway cat with amass and nuclei

Hey, hexwayers! We are happy to have all of you here.
So, let's take a short tour around our new update.

We’ve added Nuclei and Amass scanners integration. Yay! 

What’s in this update?

  • Nuclei scanner export
  • Amass scanner export
  • Interface bugfix w/ checklists, credentials, reports, Hive-Apiary pairing & project editing 
  • Small bugfixes

Import from nuclei

OWASP Amass import

Copy the meaning from the context tab for hostnames & IP’s with just one click

Now your logins, passwords, tokens, etc... copies to Credentials right from your sheets

Project editing is now available anytime you need it 

& other small bug fixes we think you’ll love!

Btw, don't forget to update your Hive version to get all these features.
Also, never miss a chance to visit our Twitter for a portion of memes & our Discord to share your thoughts about Hive!

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