Hive API. The easiest way to integrate your tool with Hexway Hive


Currently, Hexway Hive supports integration with the following utility tools:

  • Nmap/Masscan
  • Metasploit
  • Cobalt Strike
  • Nessus

However, there are much more tools we want our solution to be integratable with. That said, many teams use proprietary tools, and we're going to ensure they can import project results from their tools into Hive as well.

That's why today we release much-anticipated Hive API!
Hive API enables you to integrate any utility with Hive. To make it even more easier, we've released a designated Python library

Easy to install, easy to use!

Now, you can implement integration with any utility software, whether it's your proprietary tools or even custom dashboards!

To illustrate how our API can be used, one of our users successfully implemented integration with the Nuclei scanner

Just take a look at how nice it works and allows for sending results directly to Hive

# just install it
pip3 install hive-nuclei
# and use
./nuclei -t cves/ -u | hive-nuclei

More information you will find in GitHub Repo

In the near future, we're also planning to add even more utilities to those Hive already supports. We'd appreciate it if the community could provide other possible integration options.

We hope our API will help you integrate Hive into your pentest workflow and boost its productivity for both your team and your clients!

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