Hive 0.35 version. Renovated checklists


It’s time for the first big release of 2022.
Check out what’s inside!


It is one of the first features we have implemented in Hexway Hive.
So, a few months later we are ready to update them. They are handy and convenient, but now you can also use them to work with different pentest methodologies, like OWASP Web Security Testing Guide, and never miss a thing in your projects.

You can group checklists by their linked objects (like IP, hostname, or port). Plus, you can group objects by their linked checklists.
Each checklist point can have different statuses, so everyone knows what's going on:

  • unchecked
  • checked
  • intermediate
  • not applicable

You can create new checklists yourself or take any pre-made ones, for example from GitHub, because we have a parser from the `markdown` format!

Disable Registration

You can now disable the registration of new users in Hive and Apiary. This gives the admin exclusive rights to create new users.
No worries, you can find all details in our documentation:


  • Hostname register bugfix
  • Tag filter update
  • Checklist speed optimization

Don't forget to update your Hexway Hive version to stay cool and use all features!

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