Hive 0.33.1 version. Log4J & issue statuses

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A vulnerability was found aaaand fixed, don't worry!

What's in this update?

  • Log4j vulnerability fix
  • Draft & Ready issue statuses
  • Bugfix we hope will make your life better!

Log4j vulnerability fix

You've definitely heard about this whole Log4j vulnerability situation. So, we were kinda compromised too. One of our Hive components Neo4j uses Log4j 2 library. It uses Log4j, the one that was disclosed.

We've updated our Neo4j version, now it's safe again! Update your Hive version now!

Draft & Ready issue statuses

We have noticed, that some of our users create issues even when they are not ready to be sent to Apiary or to be used in reports.
That's why we have created Draft status, which can be manually changed to Ready right after the issue is fully described.


Bug fixes

  • Report generation error
  • >9.5Mb file uploading error
  • Incorrect connection status (Hive-Apiary pair)
  • Unconfirmed Hive users could be added to projects
  • Issues/templates search filter fixed
  • No more blocked users in your Summary section

Don't forget about our Discord channel, where you can always ask any question or share your feedback! Stay safe!

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