Why are all modern checklist apps so awful?

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Indeed, why are they? It seems that it shouldn’t be a problem to implement checklists. A checkbox tree? Easy!

Hey! This is Dmitry, founder of hexway.

I decided to share with you my thoughts on what we were guided by when we developed the checklist functionality for our applications. When our team at hexway decided to add checklists to hive, we understood that none of the existing checklist implementations are good enough. Let me explain why 🙂

Here we have a simple checklist:

checklist Hive

What do you expect when you check:

  1. Point Test 1?
  2. Test 1.1 and then Test 1.2?

My expectations are:

  1. If you check Test 1 —> Test 1.1, and Test 1.2 should be checked automatically
  2. If you check Test 1.1 and Test 1.2 —> Test 1 should be checked automatically

If you think the same way – we are on the same page!

Well, it’s time to see how popular checklist/to-do apps will work. Here are the apps I chose for the test:

For your convenience, I made a video:

As you can see, there’s no common logic in how the points are checked. I believe it must be pretty straightforward: if all subtasks are checked, the parent task should be checked as well, and vice versa.

We implemented this exact logic in hexway hive. Moreover, we added the indeterminate status: this status is assigned to the point with at least one of its child points checked. Thus, you can see where the work is already in progress!

Just see how convenient it is to work with checklists this way!

Now, pentesters and bug hunters can use one of the most convenient checklists to reduce the existing pentest routine!
Just update your hexway hive version!

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