It’s 2022 on the way

Group 37

Firstly, we want to say thank you for your feedback and how it has shaped the Hexway platform this year. Do you remember our first Hive release? It was January 2021.

And now, 30 versions later, we'd like to thank you, all of you, for using Hexway, trying out new features, and giving us feedback.

We've become better thanks to you!

Let’s look back at Hexway 2021 stats

Fun fact #1

Our report generator saves around 28 minutes on each issue description!

Fun fact #2

By the end of this year, 609 reports will have been generated, saving about 2500 hours of pentesters' time!

Fun fact #3

On average, pentesters skipped 2 cups of coffee every day thanks to routine optimization

What to expect in 2022?




Attack chains

Internal task tracker

& more new integrations

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