Q4 2021

Report generator

Our custom report engine will feature super flexible customization of pentest reports.
Plus we use jinja templates in .docx
No more report headaches, yay!

Q4 2021


Yeah, we already have checklists… but we’re going to make them even better by adding well-known methodologies like OWASP or PTES…

Q4 2021

New Integrations

More tools integrations are coming… You’re gonna love it!

Q1 2022

Internal Task Tracker

Split the scopes between teammates and be sure… no host has been missed!

Q1 2022


This will allow you to be one click away from any Hive object (user, creds, issue, etc.).

Q2 2022

Attack chain

Structure main actions to rebuild your attempts and describe them as necessary.

Q2 2022


Run tools in the background right from Hive and get results on the platform.

Q3 2022


Bring a fresh perspective on the data that penetration testers work with.