Q2 2022

Issues linked to Checklist

Link checklists and vulnerabilities to show a customer the whole pentest progress

Q2 2022

Custom statuses

Create your own set of statuses for project issue to perfectly fit in your workflow

Q2 2022

Issue Statuses from Apiary to Hive

Send issue statuses from Apiary to Hive for a faster retesting

Q3 2022

Issue Statuses from Jira to Apiary

Synchronize issue statuses from Jira with Apiary to control the process of fixing vulnerabilities

Q3 2022

Assets in Apiary

Asset mapping functionality — sounds boring but it’s important to see the whole list of your assets and found vulnerabilities in one place, isn’t it?

Q3 2022

New tool integrations

Upcoming integrations with OpenVas, OwaspZap, BurpPro, Dirb, Nikto and WPScan for more comfortable work with findings and data normalization

Q3 2022

Custom issues from scanner imports

Create custom issues from scanner imports based on your internal custom issue schemas

Q3 2022

Hive Internal Task Tracker

Internal task tracker to keep casual tasks in one place without leaving the platform

Q3 2022

Import CI/CD tools output to Apiary

Import results from different scanners, SAST, DAST and any other security tool you use directly into Apiary

Q3 2022

Issues Deduplication engine

Deduplication of found issues saves a lot of time, that’s why we will develop it

Q3 2022

Email notifications

Get notified about new found vulnerabilities and other events by email

Q3 2022

Hive workers

Schedule scan runs of different security tools right from Hive instead of launching them manually

Q3 2022

Attack chains

Show to the customer the whole attack chain, not just a list of vulnerabilities

Q4 2022

Hive Project export/ import/ archive

To keep all data from previous projects we add an ability to export, import or archive Hive projects